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How to Make a Dye Free BLOB

Updated: Feb 27

Dye free sensory activities are a big hit in our house! Here's how we made a dye free BLOB!


Our child is highly sensitive to synthetic dyes. For that reason, we've avoided playing with the colorful slime found in stores. We wanted to introduce a similar sensory experience with a homemade blob. We decided to take this activity outside as we make our five-year-old's day with the creation of THE BLOB. Here's how we did it.

How we Created our Blob

  1. Pour the glue into a bowl and add ½ cup room temperature water.

  2. Add liquid dye free food coloring and mix your goo well. We used: 365 by Whole Foods Market

  3. In a small cup stir ½ teaspoon of Borax into ¼ cup of warm water until the Borax is completely dissolved.

  4. Add the Borax mixture to the bowl with the dye free food coloring and stir. Continue to mix until the gooey mixture becomes more solid.

  5. Store in a resealable container. We used: Meal Prep Containers


If you haven't heard, a growing body of research and evidence shows that sensitivities/allergies to additives in foods, like synthetic dyes, can lead to an array of neurological symptoms such as increased anxiety, aggression, and hyperactivity. These sensitivities can pose a negative impact on overall cognitive and physical health.

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For help with the transition into a dye free lifestyle, read: Thirty Days Dye Free Six Step Plan.

No material on this page or site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician.

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