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Proposed Bill Aims to Remove Synthetic Dyes from Foods in California Schools

Updated: Mar 28

A California lawmaker is set to introduce a bill aimed at prohibiting school cafeterias from serving foods containing Red 40 and six other chemicals associated with potential health and behavioral issues.

Many artificially colored foods are tinted using synthetic petroleum-based chemicals known as dyes, which are not naturally occurring. These colors are employed to enhance the appearance of foods.

In line with concerns over the risks associated with synthetic food dyes, Assembly Bill 2316 seeks to address this issue by prohibiting school cafeterias from serving foods containing six common synthetic dyes. Among these dyes are Yellow 5, Yellow 6, and Red 40, which have been linked to hyperactivity and behavioral problems in children, as well as Green 3, Blue 1, Blue 2.

Furthermore, the bill aims to restrict the use of titanium dioxide, a whitening agent found in candies and other products. Notably, titanium dioxide is banned in the European Union due to concerns about its potential genotoxicity, which could result in DNA damage and increase the risk of cancer.

For further details, refer to this CSPI article.

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